Low Pro

Low Pro trailers are similar to drop deck trailers in that they are simpler to load and unload and lay relatively low to the ground. However, because they are removable, they can carry even taller shipments, making them the ideal alternative for moving anything that are up to 144 inches tall and 102 inches in diameter.

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Canada & Cross Border (USA)

Freight shipping between the United States and Canada involves a lengthy process. Although FedEx and UPS dominate the shipping sector, small firms who carry pallets have other options. Working with the appropriate transportation firm makes it easy to understand LTL shipping to the U.S. from Canada. Leo Transport takes pleasure in assisting companies of all sizes with their freight shipping needs from Canada to the United States. Join forces with Leo, and our customs coordinators will communicate with your customs broker to guarantee a swift and secure delivery of your package. Leo's clever distribution hubs, which are located close to most significant border crossings, provide the most affordable method of shipping from Canada to the United States. To ensure a trouble-free Transport experience, our shipping specialists have optimised the cross-border shipping procedure. Ship from Canada to the United States by requesting a free online estimate from Leo Transport today.

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Leo Transport’s fleet of trucks includes both heated and refrigerated vans to keep your goods secure throughout the journey. Cool, warm or frozen, we’ll customize the appropriate transportation solution for your specific cargo. Temperature-controlled trailers (reefers) are ideal for perishable, temperature-sensitive goods that require specific temperature and moisture conditions. Leo Transport’s fleet of trucks includes both heated vans and refrigerated vans. They can be loaded onto short 20-feet long trailers or larger 53-feet trailers. For larger and heavier loads, we are equipped with wide vans, high cube vans and multi-axle vans. Vented vans are also available, in case your goods require ventilation.

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For flatbed freight to be transported successfully, finding the best trucking firms in Canada, carriers in the right locations, and the appropriate trailers and equipment are crucial. No of the requirements, we have the ability and commitment to move your flatbed freight in a secure manner using our full range of open-deck services. For even the trickiest shipments, our open deck experts collaborate with you to create industry-specific, specialized solutions. Market fluctuations will be lessened with the help of flatbed freight capacity for planned, seasonal, and project-based freight. We offer the information, strategies, and tools required to keep your flatbed freight moving. We transport more truckload freight than any other company on the earth because we have access to reliable, steady, and consistent truckload capacity at reasonable costs.  Our truckload services make it easier to secure capacity and manage transportation costs. You may use our size and truckload capacity in all markets to strengthen your supply chain if you entrust us with the management of your full truckload (FTL) freight. Leo Transport gives you access to the greatest network of top-notch, pre-screened carriers in North America, which will help you enhance your truckload strategy. This makes it simple for you to traverse the increasingly fragmented truckload industry of today. We use the most cutting-edge technology available to automate the entire cargo lifecycle, enhance your truckload RFP procedure, improve visibility from start to finish, and increase the effectiveness of your shipments. You can rely on our supply chain specialists to monitor market developments, collaborate with your team, and develop solutions depending on your company's requirements. What makes our truckload services unique? Join together with Leo Transport to integrate the many sectors of the logistics sector, enabling your company to be adaptable in any circumstance, such as when the market changes or something unforeseen occurs. With the aid of our cutting-edge technologies, you can limit spending and minimize danger. We provide automation at every stage of your shipment's journey, from start to finish. Utilize our industry-leading connectivity to get immediate market prices that are connected with our current transportation management system (TMS) software. 

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Step Deck

Loads up to 10' can be transported on step deck trailers without the need for overheight permits. We provide a range of step deck transportation services as one of the top step deck trucking firms to safely move long, huge, and wide loads across all 48 states, including Canada. In order to ensure that every cargo is secure and delivered on time, Leo Transport has a strong safety culture and abides by DOT requirements and industry protocols. Our drop deck trailers will be the ideal answer if your cargo is taller than a flatbed trailer can accommodate. Our logistics experts will work with you to rapidly locate the best drop deck carriers for your freight.

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Flat Deck

Through its flat deck specialist transportation branch dubbed Leo Transport Transport, Leo Transport offers flat deck, step deck, and regional Super B Train services. Internationally between Canada and the United States as well as domestically in Canada, Leo Transport offers flat deck and step deck services. Many of the biggest businesses and suppliers in North America can take use of additional regionalized services that Leo Transport Transport provides in Western Canada. For the steel, agriculture, oil and gas, building material, construction equipment, mining, aerospace, and many more specialised production industries, Leo Transport offers open deck service. Project heavy haul is a brand-new service offered by Leo Transport. We manage individual heavy haul cargoes as well as whole project moves, comprising truck road service and heavy haul component on rail.

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Leo Transport excels at LTL more than anyone else. Leo Transport delivers your LTL shipments exactly when you need them thanks to our customer-focused strategy, effectively controlled service schedules, and strategically placed terminals throughout the US and Canada. We fully utilise the most recent technologies to give you timely, precise information about each shipment while it is in transit. Better yet, Leo Transport's LTL services can be used with just one point of contact, and our team of highly skilled drivers, dock, and operations staff have the knowledge and ingenuity to offer you a unique LTL solution to suit your company's needs. After all, that's what it means to take a load off your mind.

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Dry Van

Dry vans, the most popular mode of transportation, are used to deliver all kinds of general freight that needs to be protected from the elements, such as furniture, automotive parts, building and construction materials, paper goods, plastics, dry, canned, and non-perishable foods, packaging materials, and so forth. Solid, non-perishable commodities without a need for refrigeration are best transported in dry vans. They may be put onto smaller, 20-foot trucks or bigger ones, measuring 53 feet. We have broad vans, high cube vans, and multi-axle vans available for bigger and heavier items. If your items need ventilation, vented vans are also an option.

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